Room Dimensions and Descriptions:

Control Room: 18’ x 21’ x 21’ x 23’

  • SSL Duality Delta 72 Channel Console equipped with Pro Tools HDX3, allowing producers and engineers to oversee and manage recording, editing, and mixing processes for various media productions.

Live Room A: 21” x 21’ x 22’ x 18’

  • Studio live room A is an acoustically treated space where musicians perform and record their music, capturing natural sound and ambiance for high-quality recordings.

Live Room B: 16’ x 18’ x 17’ x 10’

  • Studio Live Room B is a smaller, intimate recording space with specialized acoustics, ideal for capturing vocals, solo instruments, and smaller ensembles.

Vocal Booth:  11’ x 11’ x 7’ x 6’

  • Vocal booth is a soundproofed and acoustically treated small room within a recording studio, designed to isolate and capture clean and clear vocals without external noises or reflections.


  • Our Studio lounge is a comfortable and relaxed area within a recording studio, where artists and producers can take breaks, socialize, and unwind during recording sessions. It offers a cozy space to recharge and foster creativity.